Holding on the kickoff return

Not commenting on anything but this…and this wasn’t the whole game by any means…but the Ags got away with a hold on their kick-off return. Far more obvious that Kurl’s hold on the game changing interference call.

Yes they did and it cleared Kirk to get to the outside.
Right in front of 2 zebras.
The holding that Curl was called for had not been called all day.
Nance was grabbed and held and an announcer called it a make up call when it happened.
The SEC office was quick to release a statement about the call that cost the Aggies a TD. This is typical and I always expect it in all sports.
Consider this they made our baseball team restart a rain delayed game after midnight and our players had no legs that afternoon for the final.
Basketball throats slash by Monk in the SEC tournament. Refs were joking with Kentucky.

Who cares? Why kick it his way? He had kickoff returns for TD’s in his career before that one. Simple: DON’T KICK IT TO HIM!