Hold on to your hats it's rivalry weekend and the excitement builds..

For this manufactured “rivalry” that seems to just get bigger & bigger.


Bring on the tigers and let’s see where the 8-4 HOGS go bowling

I thought it was interesting talking with David Bazzel a couple of weeks back about the LSU game. He said he thought it would take 30 years for that game to turn into a “rivalry,” but it did sooner than expected because of LSU’s success and the competitiveness of that series.

The Arkansas-Missouri series may take 20-30 years or more of results for people to consider it a rivalry (it’s called one now for marketing purposes only). But you never know what’s going to happen that may change the perception of the game within the fan bases. LSU had not been real good in 1996 when The Boot was created. No one could have foreseen what Nick Saban and Les Miles would do there.

I do think it will be more difficult to recreate what Arkansas had with LSU at the end of the year. Missouri’s fan base is not like Arkansas’ or LSU’s. Missouri is a pro state, whereas Arkansas and Louisiana are very much about college sports, and Missouri doesn’t appear to have the resources to win as big as LSU did. It would likely take Arkansas winning a championship for that series to take off, and then it would be considered a rivalry more from the other side. I don’t see Missouri winning many championships for a while. Gary Pinkel was a really good coach and the Tigers caught lightning in a bottle when they came into the conference.

I’d like to pound those idiots into the turf … year after year after year … don’t care how good (or bad) they are.

Does anyone else out there remember how smug those jerks were when they came into the SEC … even had that lame rap video?


Besides, that battle line trophy looks really cool (especially with the razorback red insert), and I want it in our trophy case … at the conclusion of each season!

Somebody pulls off an upset that denies the other one a division title or CFP spot, it’ll become intense real quick. We were in that position two years ago (could have knocked them out of Atlanta) but didn’t get it done.

In the meantime, it’s the closest SEC road game to the Hill, and not a bad drive.

It’s cold in Columbia. The Yankees will never be a rivalry game

I didn’t care for the manufactured “Battleline Rivalry” name, but I’m fine with having a trophy. As far as a rivalry goes, it’s no big deal to me that it’s not a huge one at this point. It’s not like we have any longstanding natural ones in the SEC it’s replacing. However, MU is closer to the UA than any other SEC team & has the makings of a real rivalry. One of the main elements of any rivalry is proximity. Fans who intermingle tend to care more about beating their neighbors’ team than they care about beating a team whose fans they never see. That’s why intrastate rivalries are so intense. I can see this game developing into a rivalry pretty quickly–not just for football, but basketball.

We do have a longstanding and sometimes contentious rivalry with the rebel bears. Some older folks actually hated them more than texass (and I’m getting that way quickly.)

… according to Mizzou LB:

Mizzou LB Eric Beisel: Arkansas shouldn’t bother showing up

It will become a rivalry real fast if their players keep talking smack.

http://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/mizzou … r-showing/

I don’t believe I’ve ever heard this level of smack coming from a 3-8 team.

He said their fans are really going to bring it, but I had heard (have not confirmed) that they are well short of a sell-out. We could lose, but it’s not because some idiot linebacker who gave up 63 points the week before has any hard facts to lecture a 7-4 team who happens to be a 9.5-point favorite.

I love it. It’s a gift. But I agree that if I had 36 tackles and started 4 games for a 3-win team and the worst defense in the SEC that just gave up 60+ to a pretty average Tennessee offense, I would probably just shut up.

I am a firm believer that the best smack talk comes when you are behind. It really just makes the ones who are ahead mad.

Smack talk is for a reaction. Lets give it to him.

One problem is the name borderline rivalry. It should be something like Battle of the Ozarks or something unique about the two states. Battle for the Boot was a great idea.

Looks like Crockett shares his stash with the defense…


Looks like Crockett shares his stash with the defense…
[/quote] :lol:

Put it this way. I just went to the MU ticket site and put in a request for 12 seats together for Friday. They had them, 30 yard line of the upper deck. And they’ve cut the price to $35 to try to sell them. (No, I didn’t spend $420 for tickets, just wanted to see if they had them to sell.)

I think Mr. Ar-Kansas is going to run out to a whole lot of empty aluminum Friday afternoon.

I really like Matt Jones post on the game

Personally I’m only interested in Arkansas winning the game easily

I do not want Arkansas compared or put in any category close to Mizzou - The game is SEC Astro turf marketing

I’m starting a new tradition - going to deer camp in Black Friday to close out the season

I want our players to have a fun time (Winning does that) and look forward to the Music City or Indy or Texas bowl again

I doubt Liberty is an option - We been there a lot already

Beat Mizzou - get ready for s Big 10 team and make a statement for FY 17

Yes I’m yawning - but I get it - the SEC did what they did and we best just like it

Ithe fact this game means nothing Outside of the Ozarks is a true disappointment

I’m very sour on the SEC for doing this to Arkansas

I’m sure if I lived in NW Arkansas i could get comfortable with this game - after all it’s close by A sweet short drive - a victory - Go home

In the end now all I care about is Arkansas gets a 8th win this year and they build such domination the SEC is embarrassed they called this a “rivialry”

So Hogs win - get ready for the bowl game and get win # 9