:slight_smile: I just requested to be removed from Hogville, they dont like the truth that our Coaching search has turned into a Cluster, WilsonHog unless you agree with him they throw your post in the trash, I’m proud to be here now.


Hogville is a joke… with a bunch of wanna be insiders.

Every now and then they’ll keep guessing and get stuff right. They had half their “insiders” saying CMA was safe and the other half saying CMA was fired. So, they think they have credibility now. There’s been so many rumors over there about the coaching search, it’s made it quite obvious none of them have any clue what they are talking about.

They banned me after my comment during Nutt years and I have no intention of ever going back!

You should have stayed over tbere! You don’t know anything like the rest of them.

They did the same to me. One comment about Nutt that wasn’t totally negative and I was banned. Pitiful bunch.

Why the Hate?

You have them pegged right.

Please leave McPherson over there. Welcome

If my memory serves me correctly they have a disclaimer “it you are not a hog fan you are already on shaky grounds “ I like that as well as the administrator of the site

Hey Hey Now… McPherson’s sources told him Sampson was 95% to Arkansas on Sunday night, and on Tuesday Musselman was the coach and BWA was setting up for the press conference. He also said Musselman would be bringing at least one of his assistants with him over to Arkansas. How in the world someone’s “sources” tell them who the coach is bringing along with them, when a guy doesn’t even get the job is beyond me. Some of these guys are so desperate to be first to the story they will kill their credibility. McPherson has been quiet on Hogville last few days because he’s been getting called out on putting so much false info out over the last few weeks. He was the guy that was starting all these transfer rumors about Chaney and Jones.

Don’t forget he knew that Sampson was the guy since last year bro

Well, before they say anything they confirm it with at least two sources. Yes that was said yesterday

Hogville mods just announced a new rule… bash the coach, complain about the hire, say you’re not following the program because of the hire, and you get banned.

Interesting this same rules didn’t apply to Coach Anderson over there, since the owner of the board has openly bashed him and complained about the hire since it was made, including starting threads over the years to fire him.

I’ve never gone over there and am curious why people go there if the freedom of discussion is limited to the wims of the MODS

I enjoy Hogville…I don’t post because they have so many posters you can’t have a rational discussion, but they have some sharp guys who are insightful posters. They also have Mike Irwin, who I really like. Unfortunately, with a free board comes a lot of stuff you don’t want to read…a lot of trash you have to sift through. It is always good to have another point of view to read.

I have, however, never seen as many guys who claim to have inside information on the coaching search. They were wrong time after time…it got to be pretty funny, actually.

Yep, and funny thing is people are giving them credit for getting it right, even though they said Beard, Few, Marshall, Jans, Musselman, Alford, Donovan, Stevens (yes Dudley your Stevens), Pitino (both) and probably many more. I guess if you throw out enough names, one will be correct.

It’s basically a place where the more rabid fans have a place to vent and just say whatever they want, if you’re a sensible poster that cares about facts and having good conversations and actually discussing basketball or football, you won’t last long over there at all, you’re going to get banned eventually.

I told this story in a thread a while back… this is a true story. This was like 5 years ago. One of the posters over was providing stats about CMA’s record. I forgot exactly what it was, but it was cherry picked info to make him look bad. I posted the correct info, and I got a PM from one of the mods and he told me never to correct that poster again, he was a friend of the owners and his nickname for him is the franchise. I replied back to him laughing and telling him I don’t care about his nickname, mod then told me if I say something again to that poster or say something he didn’t like he would ban me, I just made fun of the mod and told him to do what he has to do and I logged out, I didn’t even check to see if I got banned or not. That was the last time I posted over there, and haven’t looked over there until this off-season just trying to find any information about the coaching search, since it’s been so many rumors, and things still haven’t changed from what I seen.