Hogstats, formerly known as Sloppy

I think I saw Hogstats sitting with the media last night.

I always assumed his incredible work was a hobby for him.

Is he now employed by a media group to do what he does? Any info would be appreciated. He’s phenomenal with stats.

Btw, he is a fantastic follow on Twitter.

he gets credentialed

I sat next to him in NLR and enjoyed talking with him during the game. Matt knows him better than I do and may have more info. He’s been credentialed for quite a while.

who is He?? never heard of him

Do you do Twitter? He’s HogStats.com on Twitter.

He has a stat for everything regarding Hog Basketball and it’s great history.

Apparently, he has an excel spreadsheet with unlimited capability.

No I don’t have twitter.That’s why I haven’t heard of him,sounds like he does a great job though.

Was he on The Pigpen for several years, basically ran the site.

He was on the Pigpen but he didn’t run the site.

I think Pig pen was my first introduction to Hog sports on the internet lol don’t even have a clue what my username was been so long.

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