Hogsplus now on Roku!

I saw someone say that their fire stick had hogsplus on it so i thought i would search roku. It is there now!

Jeff h.

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That is awesome news! Thanks for sharing.

Very good news. Thanks!!

I can’t find it on my Firestick and I thought I was tech savvy

I don’t know how firestick works, but on Roku, I needed to go to ROKU home page, click on “streaming channels” then click on search, then enter Hogs+ in my search, clicked on it and a screen came up on my tv and said go to computer, tablet or phone and enter hogs+.com/connect/ and then enter a 6 digit number that they had displayed on my TV screen. I opened that website "The Razorbacks Original Content Network | Hogs+ and entered that 6 digit number on my computer screen, It then displayed “finished, you are connected”. My tv screen immediately connected to Hogs+.


I found it on Roku several months ago, works great. Looks like once a month you have to sign in or at least I have too. I really enjoy watching it. It is worth the $


I hadn’t signed up before. Once I heard it was available on ROKU, I signed up. Lots of good stuff on all the sports. I am pleasantly surprised. Very good video quality. Much much better on TV than on phone or computer!

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Looks really good on a 75" TV, Larry! I would recommend Hogs+ to everyone. It’s a heck of a deal.

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Lordy. Jeremy’s TV is bigger than I am :astonished:

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When you are on the home page for your Firestick, go to the icon second from the right. (The furthest right is a cog image, next to that is the apps image.) Without clicking on if, you should see a choice of My Apps and Get More Apps.

Use Get More Apps. You can then search for Hogsplus.

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