Hogs win, Mobilehoma loses

That’s a really good night!


And Texass???

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Let’s not forget about Texass (spit) losing.

Hogs win
OU loses
Texass loses

Kinda perfect night


Not quite, ole piss won, but I love it none the less!!

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That was the only disappointment on the day.


And it took the Jellycats missing a PAT in overtime for the Rebnecks to win

And a bonehead play by a KY receiver headed for a TD

Such a great day with the sooners and horns losing and the Razorbacks WIN! A loss by ole miss would have made it nearly a perfect day(needed to add a loss by the boys of South Bend).

Don’t forget about the Aggies losing.

Sure, it was Alabama. But the game wasn’t really competitive, and with the $$$ Jimbo is being paid, in year 3, the natives are getting restless down in College Station. And an Aggie under pressure is an Aggie that tends to fold down the stretch. I see our two programs going in different directions right now.

Going into this season, the 1 game I wanted to win more than any other was the A&M game. That hasn’t changed. (Of course, I am thankful for ANY win…but the Aggies are who I want to beat the most).

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