Hogs win! 7-3

And our 7-3 win counts as much as their 15-2 win last night. I like our position right now. We’ve faced their best pitchers, including their top closer for nearly 4 innings today. So if AU isn’t deep in their ptiching, we have a very good chance to win the series. If we’re rained out, a 1-1 split doesn’t hurt us at all.

I didn’t realize unitl this morning that MSU swept Bama. We’re a half-game behind them now.

One thing I noticed the announcers said when it was 3-0 Aubie in the second inning. He said we hadn’t faced a team as good as Auburn & we weren’t quite ready for this. Said MSU is a good team, but not like Auburn. Or words to that effect. Makes the win that much more gratifying. :slight_smile:

Huge win.
Just scrape by any way you can tomorrow and get out with a series win.

Neither team has a particularly deep bullpen and Auburn’s probably is a little worse off than Arkansas’ because of the injury to Casey Mize. I think tomorrow’s game has the potential to be pretty high-scoring.

Great win. Nail down the series, boys!


Plus Auburn burned their closer today

Good win! I hope we win the series! I learned long ago to try not to think too much about announcers say! It just makes me mad.
Our pitching staff has survived and over achieved after losing 2 starters early this season. I would not doubt the ability our heart of this team!
Tomorrow is another chance to show it! Play ball

Team not playing real well lately but worst is the announcers always talking up the other team. Heard only one announcer seen like a Arkansas fan in all the SEC and SEC+ broadcasts.