Hogs will wear anthracite helmets, jerseys Saturday

Huh? If you turn the game there will be a red hog at midfield, Arkansas and Razorbacks in the end zones, and there will be a graphic on the screen at all times that says Florida and Arkansas and shows the score.

It’s okay not to like them but saying people won’t know who they’re watching is a BIG stretch.

My favorite part of that uniform? The “Graduate” emblem.

Regardless of arguments over traditional colors, the team’s record, or calling the head coach nicknames, that to me is what stood out the most. And I bet if you ask those players in 20 years, they’ll be most proud to have worn that part of the uniform.

I don’t worry about me. I have turned on games from OTHER schools where the host was wearing gray. I watched a Tennessee game and it took me a while to figure out which team was which. (I don’t remember the opponent.) The casual fan may not recognize the Hogs.

Changing the uniform color is the worst kind of pandering …
Win an SEC Championship first and then maybe someone will listen to your uniform preferences!
It cheapens the brand immensely; Arkansas teams wear Cardinal and White, period!
Check out when 'Bama, Michigan, LSU, OSU, Oklahomer, Penn State, or Texas tried a goofball, NIKE-pleasing, player-pandering uniform change that introduced a color (WTF! Anthracite?) not remotely related to their school colors! How I wish that our program was in such company! It’s getting worse for CBB with me every week!
I can hear all the smarmy, feel-good reasons we will get for the uniform color change now and so can you!
Be Razorbacks, dammit!

I’m with you! Enough! Team really needs to get deep into societal issues since they are not deep into winning football…
CBB should appoint a new Warden from among the team since they are now running the prison…

[attachment=0]Hog Helmet.JPG[/attachment] That helmet with the anthracite ---- that would be BA.

One thing about today’s unis I like – they’re putting the number on the back of the helmets. A tiny bit of throwback to the Broyles era; I don’t think we’ve put the numbers on there since JFB retired in '76 (except for the Bama throwback game in '14).

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/time- … -assembly/”>http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/time-lapse-anthracite-helmet-assembly/</LINK_TEXT>

Brand? Please. We don’t have a brand outside the borders of Arkansas. Certainly not like those other schools you mention. Our brand is about like Iowa’s. Do you really care about Iowa or the colors it wears? I sure as hell don’t. No one does. Except folks in Des Moines. And maybe our head coach.

I was hoping we would wear Cubs uniforms.

The players love them. Why should we care what our favorite team wears on the field? Sheesh!