Hogs will play an exhibition at Texas next month

I remember what Squid and Marcus Camby did to our NC team at the start of the next season. I’d rather play this game as an exhibition than have it count.

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I think you are right about this. Eventually it will be more like NFL preseason games and they will be televised by networks just like NFL. I am surprised it hasn’t happened yet. There is so much money left on the table. Of course, this is bad news for Oklahoma Technical Institute. They would lose three pay-for-play games, their biggest revenue producer.

Jeremy, I’m curious why you think is it disadvantageous to play a quality team in the preseason. It doesn’t count against the record. I don’t see it being anything but a benefit to the players. It gives them quality competition to learn from before Maui.

I see absolutely no disadvantages.

It might do the team good to get humbled before the season starts.

It’s just my gut feeling, Matt, but it could also be the opponent. I’m all for playing good competition, but I also haven’t forgotten that ambush against UMass that Jeff mentioned. We had no chance and got embarrassed. As you mentioned, the game doesn’t count against the record, but I guarantee you it matters. Anyway, the game is scheduled, so let’s go kick some a$$.

Certainly will do us more good than, for example, the exhibition against East Central Okie two years ago, which we sleepwalked through and barely won. The Fallopians will have the team’s attention from the get-go.

But that game counted. Since the is an EXHIBITION, it won’t count and will get us ready for Maui.

They won’t smoke us like UMass did anyway.

And didn’t we return to the national championship game that season?

Every season that Eric is here you can count on him giving his team every opportunity to grow. This is one of them. I think it’ll heighten the sense of urgency in workouts, too, more so than if Arkansas was playing SAU Tech to unofficially start the season. (No offense to SAU Tech. Go Rockets.)

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Maybe Muss should consider scheduling a NBA G League team for one of the exhibitions. Schedule the first exhibition game against a D-1 opponent like Texas, then schedule a G League team for the second exhibition. With all of his pro connections, Muss could probably make it happen. That would be a lot more fun for fans instead of playing NAIA Central Oklahoma.

I still remember when they were the Varmits (after my brother quit playing football at Henderson, he briefly attended SAUT before joining the Army). New school president changed the mascot. There was a very interesting story on the Politico website recently on how the little town of Camden is producing all the rockets we’re sending to Ukraine to fight the Russians. Since my ex-wife grew up in Camden, I sent her the link.

Regardless, turning down Chris Beard’s invite would not have been a good look. Muss is not afraid of competition or losing. I am not surprised he accepted the invite.

Maybe so. Is Beard gonna return the favor next year?

Think he will if Muss invites.

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