Hogs will play an exhibition at Texas next month

Here are all the details for what should be a fun unofficial start to the season:


I will DEFINATELY be at this game. this is why I was so excited for the horns to move to the SEC. Living in Austin I should get to see the Hogs much more often!


Cool. This will help the develop. don’t get caught up in W - L, but it is Texas. Also shows real respect for Muss and his program that they asked us to do this.

First game in the new building. We have a lot of history in the old building (US from halfcourt, Strollin with Nolan, etc.) but it was showing its age 27 years ago the last time I was there.


I went to see the Eagles in the new building. It will be an amazing venue for basketball.

Interesting set up. Built with private money and UT only has a set number of days they can use it. the rest of the time it is booked for live music and other events by the company.

They needed the space where the Erwin Center is for the UT medical school (funded by Michael Dell of Dell Computers). UT’s med school in Galveston, which I attended, was created at the same time UT-Austin was created in 1891, plus other schools later in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, but they decided to create one in Austin as well.

At some point I think UA will have a full-fledged med school in Fayetteville, not just the satellite that is there now.

Doesn’t seem right that we, the visiting team, will get NO allocation of tickets. We have a LOT of Alumni in Texas (and Arkansas) that would want to go to the game. I imagine the Texas donors will grab all the tickets.

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Story up top not enough for you?


His Texas write up includes the price of the tickets ($25) and addresses the student tickets and section.

It seems obvious that Arkansas is going to play a D1 team in the preseason every year it can under Musselman. The only time it hasn’t happened was 2020 when no exhibitions could be played.

Well, all right then. I’ll go have a seat.

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They generally don’t allocate tickets for visiting fans in basketball, save for a very few for friends and family. So I’m not surprised.

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That’s correct. Official parties are typically very small for basketball.

just more info and from a different perspective. Your article was fine and dandy. Certainly no offense meant, that $25 price shocked me considering the rivalry and probability of raising much much more.

I figure we’ll see more D-1 teams playing each other in “charity” exhibitions like this. Gives a coaching staff a much better assessment of overall team + individual player progress, strengths/weaknesses, etc.

I think the days of playing and beating southeastern Oklahoma technical institute by 50 pts in an exhibition game are just about over.

I think there will be one game of each, at least for Arkansas moving forward.

Of course last year showed that the expected 50-point beatdown can turn into a scare.

This won’t be a popular opinion, but it is mine…I see no benefit to us to play this game. Why help Texas with anything? We recruit against them. This game may not count, but trust me, it matters. I truly hope we whip that a$$. Foul taste in our mouths to start the season if we don’t. Apollo Vs. Drago was an “exhibition” too.

Eric is doing everything in his power to make sure his team – his youngest yet, he says – is battle tested when February and March roll around. That is the benefit of this game.


It is, for sure, his youngest, but also, most talented team…by far. I still don’t see the benefit of this game to our program…exhibition or not. We come in with a disadvantage to start our season. Pretty sure Mizzou wishes they hadn’t been our opponent for The Bud dedication game.

Again, only my opinion.