Hogs will host JC OL for official

Noah Banks, 6-7,300 of Iowa Western will visit this weekend.

Missouri and Iowa State are two of his offers.

Banks - originally from Pensocola, Fla., spent two years at Murray State and played 10 games - with nine starts - his redshirt freshman season in 2016 before transferring to Iowa Western.

He redshirted the 2015 season after suffering a broken hand on the second day of fall camp.

He left Murray State after he has three different OL coaches and another one was on the way.

Banks is schedule to be a mid-term grad and would have two seasons of eligibility remaining.

He made unofficial summer trips to Auburn, Mississippi State and South Alabama and is also hearing from West Virginia. Oklahoma and TCU.

Banks has offers now are from Iowa State, Missouri and Middle Tennessee State

He originally committed to Troy out of high school, but that school had a coaching change and he ended up at Murray State.

Arkansas will be his first official visit.

Unless something unexpected comes up, Noah will be the lone FB visitor.

So, Richard, do you expect any commitments any time soon?

Really getting fed up with Coach Anderson. Not trying to bash a kid but If we bring him in he better be a JC talent that can contribute and provide some quality OL depth.
Anderson has really dropped the ball as far as recruiting and development are concerned IMO.

Maybe Noah, but he seems to want to be careful and not rush things.

People were upset about offering Nance last year. Man, do I remember that.

I don’t know how good Noah is or if he can come in and play right away or not. No one truly knows.

OK, thanks.

What is the insider opinion on this kid?

I think fans have a right to question the evaluation on OL Juco players, seeing they haven’t worked out for this staff. His offer list is most definitely underwhelming. I instantly question if this is an SEC player or another bust from the Juco ranks. I hope I’m wrong.

They evidently backed off two other JC OL in favor of him.

Does Arkansas still plan to take only one O-lineman in this recruiting class?

Gosh, if we get too carried away with this we’ll declare Brandon Martin a bust. It is early.

I seem to recall a lot of coaches (not just at UA) chattering about JUCO kids: “you plan on them helping in some way immediately, but you can’t count on them until they’ve been on campus for at least a semester.”

Always going to be a higher risk due to only have a two-year window to succeed in vs the 4-5 year window for HS recruits.

Richard remembers Nance’s lukewarm reception, I remember the same about Spaight with many fans concluding, “always good to see a hometown kid get a chance.” Worked for him, but not for Reed.

JUCO recruiting is more fickle than HS recruiting.

Again, Brandon Martin has 3 years to play 3.

Obviously there are a lot of teams who see something in Banks.

The fact that he would be able to go through spring practice is a big plus.

Might as well try to start fixing the O-line in Jan, instead of June.

I tend to not criticize players I don’t know a lot about. I also don’t try to prop them up if I don’t know a lot about them.

I prefer to find out more instead of just throw an opinion out on somebody’s ability.

They already have Luke Jones and Noah Gatlin so if they add another - which seems likely - that would be 3 total.

Sorry let me rephrase the question, does Arkansas plan to take only one more O-lineman?

That is something they are assessing right now.

I asked for a position breakdown for a story I am writing and was told that is what they are doing.