Hogs were 5-0 vs. teams still standing in Omaha

Just another reason to be sick about bungling our chance to play in the CWS this season.

We beat each of them at least once, and all of those games were away from Baum-Walker.

Yes, we missed a real opportunity when one reflects on all the games.

There’s no doubt IMO we are the best team in the country when we are playing our best but it’s almost impossible to time playing your best at the end, why #1 seeds rarely win.
Ms State is the one team to see us at our best for all 3 games outscored them 25-11.We won the SECT but we’re not hitting and that concerned me and it eventually got us but this was a really fun season bc we were the talk of the nation for 2 months, can never remember that happening before…

And just to underscore how UNimportant the SECT is

MSU was awful there


Yep why Baseball is by far the most unpredictable of any sport.

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It is a viciously maddening game and I love it anyway. We had a spectacularly successful year. It is strange to me how we could excel with HR’s and walks and yet hit for such a low average as a team. The best is yet to come.

Ironically, we outscored NC State 28 to 11…yet lost two 1 run games…

But 22 of our runs came in one game

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Yep ate Steak and Prime Rib game 1, didnt have enough room Left for anything but Salad games 2-3.

I don’t eat much after game 2 or 3.

Was talking about the team eating so big in game 1 they were too full to eat anything heavy after that. Just using that as example

With no “good” options, I’ve decided to root for Vandy.

Really, it’s more rooting against MSU. They think they’re better than us, and they aren’t. I don’t want them winning their 1st Championship (which probably means they will).

It’s bad enough that we were 9-3 vs the entire CWS field, and 5-0 vs. the final four ( DO believe that’s a first for a team that DIDN’T make it to Omaha). But to have swept the “National Champs”, at THEIR place…and for “them” to be MSU…well, that would be insuffarable.

I don’t like Vandy, but I respect their program. Over the last decade, if Florida hasn’t signed and gotten the best overall talent to campus, Vandy has. And they are well coached.

So the next few days, I’ll pinch my nose and pull for Vandy, Kumar and Jack…and hope that doesn’t push one of them in front of Kevin for the Golden Spikes. (How the SEC pitcher of the year can lose a national award to another SEC hurler is beyond me…but we all know how these things go).

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