Hogs vs Yellowjackets

The competition went up his game went down

Jalen Harris & Mason Jones & Turnovers!

That’s what I thought.

You should put that last TO on Gabe for not moving to the hole.Something there should be a stat line giving the TO for the player that actually missed their movement to the ball. But 2 TO’s in 2:&1/2 games out of a point guard is outstanding.

I readjusted my statement , added Mason Jones too. Seems when some one turns it over, they have 2-3 quickly in a row

Bailey is a momentum killer tonight, missing two easy layups.

Coach Pastner stays close to the line on getting a T

We are missing too many gimmes that GT is handing to us.

Tough game…looks like it’s going down to the wire.

Such ugly basketball. I was thinking this team might have a little something. But I’m almost back to siding with Michael from Stuttgart. Almost. This is unwatchable. A lot like the Butler game in the NCAAT. Mike can’t do anything about it.

They are switching off Gafford a lot. We have got to recognize it and capitalize.

Hard to watch this to be honest…U.G.L.Y

It’s going to happen with a team full of freshmen.

Correct General…youngest team in NCAA they said…

What’s saving GT is they are getting balance from their starters, that’s it at this point. Close them down for about 4 minutes and they’ll fold.

We seem to play up & down to the level of competition lately. Even at home.

That and we overrate Gafford. He may be a lottery pick but his game is far from NBA caliber. Catch and dunk. That’s it. Little development from last year.

Regression. We are not getting better. Young but going through a getting worse streak. I get this can happen with a very young team. But look horrible, and have last 3 games. Gotta win this ugliness.

Completely disagree. Our competition is getting a little better, but young teams are going to be up and down. Lots of young teams go through this.

Wow, that whistle cost us a turnover.