Hogs vs Yellowjackets

I wonder what type of start the hogs will have tonight? Man we need another “W”

Gotta get Gafford established early. It all starts and opens up with Gafford. On defense, be intense and aggressive with these guys. Their not weak players but they will break when you push them hard enough.

Need to get tempo up early. Can’t be overly relaxed… again.

Sloppy on both ends. We need to attack that zone, not sit back and chuck 3’s.

Key is attack.

Key is make open looks. Our pre game shoot around needs work.

1/2 court game is a death sentence for us… have to get up Tempo

Getting good looks, but can’t buy a bucket. Defense has picked up, but have got to spark it on offense.

4 points in near 10 minutes. Good grief.

We may be cold…

Defense saving our bacon at the moment. Good to see Sills attacking the defense and Joe lighting it up. Got to get more players involved and force them out of that zone.

Ice cold start again! On top of it can’t seem to take care of the ball. The shots will start falling but they have to attack the hole.

Falling down 13-2 and coming back to lead at half is pretty good. We can’t sleep on these guys (they are an ACC team after all) but should be OK if we don’t go in the deep freeze again.

Jones, Gafford, and Joe getting it done offensively and our bench supplying great defense.

We’re lucky to be up one with the way we played the first 10 minutes.

Keep up the intensity and attack the rim. And we’ve got to close out the rebounds, they are killing us on second chance shots.

Need to come out smoking and get these guys out of their game…

1 point lead at the half. I’ll take it. I know the bed head look is in style. But I think our’s are more literal looks. We start very sleepy.

I’m hoping the freezer effect is over for this game. Maybe the hogs can take better care of the ball and eliminate the second chance points. Put them away early.

Reggie Chaney should start this game forward

It appeared the charge called on Gafford the guard was inside the cylinder what do the rest of you think? The restricted arc inside the lane.

Indeed he was, unless he was called for being out of control. But the defender has to allow the offensive player to make a move and the defender was right on him the second he caught it, so it was a bad call.

What is up with Bailey? The last 3 games he’s just sunk back into his freshman year.