Hogs vs Wright State thread

We know they are capable of better. UConn & Baylor games proved that.

I kept thinking, just pick up the ball, Erynn, and give it to a guard.

To Barnum’s credit, she did get the steal 5 seconds prior to that turnover. Yes she should have given it up to a guard, but her adrenaline was probably through the roof having stolen the ball with the lead and under a minute remaining.

I think the mistake was the amount of time it took to get a shot on our possession right after that. They’d just taken a 2-point lead and we don’t get a shot off for 15 seconds. Take the first decent shot knowing you’ll have to foul. Too little time was left.

I think Mike really got outcoached the last two games. He is gonna have to tweak his system. You can’t just allow a team to murder you on the boards unless you are just a turnover creating machine on defense. I really don’t not fronting post players when you have a smaller #5 like we do either. Taylah was coached (I assume) to play honest and behind girls all year.

My main gripe was how does Dungee not have the rock when we needed a bucket to tie? Makes NO SENSE

Of course I screamed the same thing last night when JD launched a 28 footer (and missed) with us up by 1 under a minute.

Kids have to be coached to GIVE THE ROCK TO YOUR BEST PLAYER in pressure situations. Scheme up a way to at least let them touch it. Make the D react. Muss does that most of the time.

I feel for Chelsea the most. She put the team on her back and didn’t have the chance to get the tying bucket.

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Disappointing ending for this group of seniors today after providing some exciting moments during the past couple of seasons.
After that huge win over UCONN I thought they may have figured things out, but they still struggled after that win in the SEC, followed up by a poor performance in the SEC tourney and now a first game exit in the NCAA tourney.
Without any real size in the paint the ladies have been sort of a one trick pony and if the shots are falling they have success, but when not they struggle and proved to be the case again today.

If you are going to be undersized on the inside, you better apply good pressure on the ball and be able to deny passing lanes. Surely there are some decent high school post players in the state of Arkansas otherwise go find one.

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Very true. Just a brutal way for, what could’ve been, a very special season to end.

I hated seeing Chelsea cry.

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Freaking broke my heart. Chelsea deserved better, frankly.

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The ladies failed to show up with the intensity to play on both ends of the floor and the best player failed to touch the ball up 1. Just another good season comes to an end. The better team won today.

Everyone has a bad day, but the performance and the mannerisms of this team the last 2 games leave some questions.

The effort and enthusiasm simply weren’t there. The question is why not? You play all year for March.

Maybe it was just me, but a few of the players looked like they were glad it was over.

I don’t agree. I think the girls were shattered. Especially Chelsea, Destiny, Amber and Taylah.

What I do think, though, is Mike coaches a finesse brand of basketball that looks fantastic when they are raining 3’s…but when they aren’t they just don’t have a plan B.

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