Hogs vs Wright State thread

Another team that’s going to kill us on the boards. Nothing new there. Wright State up 2 at the first TVTO

This frankly looks like a rout

We are shooting nothing but 3’s, they ain’t falling, we have nobody in the same area code for a rebound, and are playing defense like they all have COVID.

26-14 Wright State

Pretty pathetic

When Neighbors’ system is working, it’s a lot of fun. When it’s not, it’s a lot of fun for the other team.

Yeah, I’m starting to have doubts about him.
Love the guy, love to watch them when they are on.
But the style will never be consistent enough to win big.

They are like a fighter with a big haymaker, but can’t always land it

Defense is awful.


Live by the 3…die by the 3.

We don’t rebound well at all. But we SHOULD at least be playing better D. Better hope Chelsea and Amber heat up…or we will be 1 and done.

Neighbors is gonna have at least adjust his style…and recruit some rebounders. Can’t just get annihilated on the boards like this. Nolan’s teams were’t great on the boards either…but they were better than this. And they turned you over and got easy baskets.

C’mon Chelsea. get that shot going. Amber you two. Destiny? You gonna have to take it to the hole girl. May have to play Marquesha more. get some length.

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He has a terrific rebounder next door at FHS in the 2022 class he’s not offered. She has 27 other D1 offers. Shoot the 3 well too. She’s 6’ but outplayed the Maryam from Bentonville earlier this year.

Of coarse she’s my great niece so I’m a little biased. And we love Mike. The entire family. He’s been nothing but class with our niece.

6’5” Wolfenbarger should help with rebounding next year. He will piece it together.

Looks like the game plan now is foul the entire WSU roster out and it seems to be working.

I have a terrible feeling about this game. It really is gonna boil down to “do we go on a 3 hitting spree?” Wright State is doing a great job of taking away the layups portion of Mike’s offensive philosophy. Get Marquesha back in there Mike. Go back to the zone with her at the top.

Wow! Intentional foul on Wright gets us back in the game!

We take the lead, have a bad turnover and Wright drills two clutch threes to regain the lead. Respond now or season over.

Between the TO and the 2 missed free throws it’s probably over.

I’m just following the score on the NCAA website. Looks like we had to foul trailing by 2 with 10 seconds left & Wright hit both. It’s over.

Yep, it’s over. Wright wins by four

Arkansas clearly out coached.

Late TO’s and missed FT’s

Maybe I have a high expectation on intensity after watching the Men’s team, but the Women just didn’t have the right body language. Disappointing.

Man I rarely criticize a coach…and I like Mike…be he got outcoached today. Flat out.
With them killing us on the offensive glass, we should have gone to pressure long before.

And on the possession that Amber drove and missed (looking to be fouled) how does Chelsea Dungee…arguably the best offensive player in the nation…not have the ball in her hands.

Terrible ending for some wonderful girls. They deserved a better ending. But Wright State took it from them. Barnum’s turnover was a killer. What in the world was she thinking.