Hogs VS Troy

1st look at Nick Smith this season. Super pumped! Go Hogs!

Bummer about Devo. Don’t wanna lose him.

Devo will be fine. He just has to get things straight. He and Muss will work it out if we as fans will let them!

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Muss issues a statement that Devo is “taking time away from basketball” and “has our full support” during that absence. Which means next to nothing.


Probably all we’re gonna get, Jeff, though Bob will try.

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The Shootah!

Barry gets the start.

Anybody else having trouble getting the game to come up… all I’m getting is an error has occurred

Barry pulled after 1:15.

Turned it over.

SECN Billy

Yeah I was on the SECN in but it just now came on thank goodness

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Pretty pass AB

Took me a while to get the stream to come up too.

Current score is Makhi Mitchell 6, Troy 5.

C’mon Walsh!!

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Really slow start… come on guys let’s pick it up

Yeah AB!

We have 7 turnovers in less than 10 minutes. Expected a hangover after Maui.


strangely worded

mental health issue?

If getting into a pissing contest with Muss is a mental health issue…

we need to shake the fog. this team isnt going to let us just wail on em
We win this big, but we have to settle down

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