Hogs VS Tigers

I know the football game is still going on, but I’m gonna go ahead and start this.
Need to put the clamps on Justice and Williams.
Go Hogs!

I hope the BB hogs do better than the football hogs have done to this point.

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Hogs still tryin to find their shooting touch.

They need to find the D.

We don’t need Devo shooting so much. At all.

I’ve been watching this while I’m watching that bull crap football game and we look just about as bad as they do 18 points with 3 minutes left in the half unbelievable

I had a feeling we were going to have a cold shooting night

Devo drives me absolutely nuts sometimes.
Our D has been awesome.

Guys have got to be a lot more consistent if we’re going to win the SEC you can’t go for 18 one night and 3 the next

Just find a way to win on the road, Billy.

Yeah we better start playing a lot better are we not going to do that tonight

We are 0 - 13 from 3….

Fire Musselman!

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Lid on the basket

About as bad as you could imagine us playing

19 points in a half

We had good shots. Just can’t hit em

We’ve gone through these droughts all year. Difference is we aren’t playing a Renta win

We better get some fire under our butt here at halftime and come out there in the first five or six minutes and get control of this game because the further it goes along the more confidence these guys get.

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Muss is about to light some a$$ up. We are not moving the ball.
I have no idea why Devo has the green light tonight.
Bet he doesn’t next half.

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Somebody better start showing they can be the guy we can go to the score because right now we don’t have one in this game. This is what scares me the most about this team we get in droughts like this and it’s going to be tough to win against a better competition

It’s the ******* anthracite uniforms