Hogs VS Tigers Pt. 2

So where Marty said he talked to Nick Smith and Nick told him he’s a couple of weeks away

Six dunks.

We would have won if we only scored 3 points in the second half. THREE. In a half.


I didn’t hear that.

Yeah I’m watching the replay of the first half he just said it… well Tom Hart said Marty talk to him and Nick told him that to be correct

Well I can already see one huge difference LSU played man to man they came out in the second half and played zone and that’s always a buzz kill for our offense

Gotta overcome that, but I don’t think Baylor plays zone, and I doubt they change for us.
Also, Muss has A LOT of film to show Ricky before Saturday. It is SO obvious that he is pressing.

Oh yeah, three dunks Saturday gets us to 100 for the year.

I did not see them play zone last night but if I were them I would definitely be looking into it and they’ve got plenty of time to get good at it since they played Monday night and got 5 days to practice

I think Drew is like Muss. He isn’t gonna go to something he doesn’t do to win one game…especially at home.
He probably thinks he can beat us straight up.
I guess we’ll see.

Yeah I agree with you , they’ll be plenty tough doing what they do especially with the guards they have

Ricky has gotta get right.

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Council looks like a totally different player against man to man he’s made a beautiful jumper and a awesome drive to the basket for a basket


Much better against man to man I can see that immediately in this first half
We can’t have walsh have another no-show like he did tonight he’s got to get over that crap


Council has to trust his teammates against the zone, but he is an animal in a wide open game.
I guarantee fixing him is job #1 for Muss the next few days.

I think he will be much better against man to man defense that Baylor plays. But like I said we will need more than him to play well

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Flagler and Cryer will eat this team alive. Baylor huge over the Hogs.

I think you will see devo take Flagler that’ll be an incredible battle there and nobody has done nothing with Devo on them… not a soul. Miller from Alabama did not even get a shot in the first half with Devo on him

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That could very much happen, but I think we will thrive playing their style, because they like to play like we do.
All these SEC teams are throwing junk defenses at us, but Baylor will play us straight up.
Should be an exciting game, and I’m still waiting for our signature win.

As an aside, I’m not sure K-State and TCU aren’t right behind Bama right now. I am not a believer in Purdue.

Stopping the dribble drive will be extremely important against Baylor because those guards are incredibly quick and they’re going to look at the Alabama film and see exactly what they did just lined up and played one-on-one ball with us and blew right by us. If that happens again Saturday we’re going to get smoked… hopefully our offense will be clicking a lot better since they like to play man to man