Hogs VS Tigers Pt. 2

Starting this a little early. About to leave work. Snowing like crazy in Rogers.
Hope my DirecTV doesn’t go out. :crossed_fingers:

Time to start our revenge tour tonite!
Can’t let Hannibal penetrate like he did the first time.
Go Hogs!


Will miss the 1st half in the gym,will tape and watch later,Hopefully we come out with the intensity we showed to start the 2nd half against OM.I hope we run the motion offense and pass the ball well and jump on them early and don’t let them getting any ideas of winning tonight.

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Dang, Billy, how much do you work out?
You must look like The Rock. :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to work out 2 or 3 times a day when I’m trying to lose weight like I am now. Played golf all the time this summer and didn’t work out much but was stupid enough to keep eating too much. I’m now paying the price for it… I do lot of cardio I look nothing like the rock LOL I do enough lifting to put a little tone on these bones🤣. well time to go now I will check in when I get back in the house

Got quite a white out going on up here at my house in Fayetteville. I wonder how it’s going to effect the crowd.

I need to follow your example. Have a good workout.

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Looks like quite a few people going in based on the news. Bet we have a pretty good crowd.

Finishing up a burger at Wendy’s on MLK

then figure out parking. All lots are first come first served tonight

I have to tractor ready to blade the hill in the morning before the school bus runs! Heat lamp up for the dog. Pot of vegetable soup hit on the stove with corn bread. I’m ready for our hogs to crush LSU. As long as they avoid fouling and take care of the ball they should be able to win.
Everyone be safe on the roads and let cheer for our hogs.

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Pizza is the oven, beer isout of the freezer…TV is on two streaming sources and ready for tip off!! WPS!!

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In proper cajun vernacular shouldn’t the topic name be…

Part Deux


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Well Shazbutt!! Seems down here in Barling (right beside Ft. Smith) I got so much sticky snow its totally coated and obscured my Satellite Dish and I can no longer get a signal. Fortunately my internet is underground fibre optic and I can stream it via ESPN3.


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I’m here didn’t make the trip from the river valley.

Is that Molly Ringwald I see out there?

My wife works at Ashton Place right over by you. She is stuck in a Holiday Inn.

I saw what you did there.


Didn’t know AB’s mom and dad played for Baylor. Even more impressive Muss got him

Yeah Mitchell!

Sure is.

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WE didn’t that call last game!