Hogs vs Texas

Well it’s a new day and I’m hoping our hogs come out and play a solid game on defense! The pitching was good enough to win yesterday.
At the plate some of the problem was takings swings at balls that were out of the zone but there were just as many called stokes that the home plate umpire called that weren’t close ! That has continued this Morning in the Missouri vs OU game!
With runners in scoring position you have to put the ball in play with runners at second and third and less than 2 outs!

We got our work cut for us their pitcher has a .060 ERA and has only given up 6 hits in 15 innings so pour approach has to be a lot better and hopefully Wicklander can continue to throw as well as he has…We need to get off to a good start and juimp on them early.

The Hog starter has a 0.00 ERA.

Yep and why I said I hope he continues to throw as well as he has cuz it may come down to 1-0 or 2-1 if both of those pitchers are on their game

I just want to see good pitching and solid defense. At the plate compete and battle. It’s early in the year and teams can learn from this weekend.

I like the lineup tonight I think it’s a good solid group top to bottom.

By the middle of this season it wouldn’t surprise me to see Moore in the lead off spot!

I made the comment about a week ago I think he’s a perfect lead off because he doesn’t swing at bad pitches and he doesn’t swing and miss that much. He has good speed all of those are characteristics of a good lead off man… so we will see

Hit followed by an error on what might have been a DP sure makes for a bad start

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Wicklander did his job and got the ground ball. The we have an error and now after not getting the call for a strike 3 we give up a run and an extra base. Gregory gets himself and error too!
Bad start for sure.

All we did is give them two runs. Moore won’t miss that ball one time out of a thousand

That’s a homerun in every ballpark in the sec

We’re visiting team two days in a row?

Yep. We’ll be home team tomorrow.

Do we lead the nation in strike outs?

4 Ks in 2 … here we go again. Right-handers will not have a clue against this guy unless they can learn to lay off the slider

Slider is killing them.

And it will continue to kill them as long as we keep swinging at them

Meanwhile they’re getting very good swings against wicklander just a matter of time before one of them goes yard