Hogs vs TCU

What a tough pitchers duel so far.
I hope Casey Martin breaks out he sure needs a hit!

Casey’s taking pitches for strikes and then swinging at junk outside the zone for strike three.

This is starting to look like a serious pitcher’s duel, but maybe second time through we’ll see him better.

Casey’s slump is painful. This team desperately needs him to show up and asap

Swine I hope your right and the second time through the order we get some runs off this lefty. He is good! Campbell is being solid too!

this guy not making many mistakes hopefully he will get one up and we can connect Isaiah sharp too but has left a few up in the zone hope it doesn’t cost him.

!@!@!@! Goodheart!!! ball not close to being down!!! cost us a run.Lodolo tried his besr to let us break the game open but we just can’t get the big hit!!! has killed us the last 2 weeks.

He’s not throwing strikes. We need to take advantage. Should have bases loaded one out if not for the brain fart by Goodheart.

And then RBI HBP

Well poor base running cost there. Should have scored! Goodheart knows better!

yep there one of those hangers get the ball down!!! stay away from the CB!! go with the splitter. sweet DP ball!

way to jump on that 1st pitch Ezell!!why did that ball not go out or come with mwn on :evil:

I do not understand what’s happened to Casey Martin’s bat.

Casey has horrible plate discipline that pitch he swung at is impossible to hit fair

Martin’s not the only one swinging at balls he can’t touch.

this guy is absolute death on LH somehow some way we got get a hit with men on…

I have no idea what TCU’s BP is like, but it looks like Lodolo is about finished

Killing us Martin is, 0 for last 18 and 3 for last 27 ab and that k looked horrible

get the ball down Isaiah!thank you Ezell for saving Martin another errror.

Idk what’s going to get Martin out of this but he’s been just absolutely god awful, and his fielding isn’t the worlds best.

If this game doesn’t have any separation anytime soon, I wonder if Van horn thinks about making a substitution. I mean honestly it’s got to be on the table with how bad he’s been and looked at the plate and with all his errors. He’s a star player and you never do that to stars, usually, but damn maybe it’s what he needs.

Isaiah has only thrown 60 pitches through 5 innings. Very efficient. At this rate he could easily go 7. But we need some runs now. Badly.

we just arent going to bunt :evil:no way in HECK that is a catch!!!