Hogs vs SEC

Interesting tidbit I just saw on the Finebaum Show: In the last two years Hogs have as many wins (6) in NCAA Tourney as the rest of the SEC combined!



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I wonder what Legend(in his own mind) thinks about that?

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In the last 3 years our hogs have more wins on the basketball court than any other team in the SEC! Yet the SEC network and all the pundits rarely ever give our hogs or Muss any respect.
They have sucked up too Will Wade, Lying Bruce Pearl and Greaseball Cal!
Wade has been fired for him cheating and lying! Lying Bruce is waiting on his day to face his potential firing and shame for at least the 2nd offense for being a cheat and liar! Some day down the road Greaseball and Big Blue Nation will vacate and take down all that Cal has done at Kentucky since he arrived just like he did at U Mass and Memphis! Maybe there’s a place where the salt of a man actually speaks louder than these jerks on TV! The players involved have all moved on the disgraced coaches will be gone but the coaches that did it the right way and have been fired are the ones that are stronger and better men!


Please don’t use the term greaseball. It’s borderline racist.

Oh please. Greaseballs come in all colors, races and nationalities. It is an indictment of character and nothing else.


I don’t have a fiber of racism in my soul!
If you take it that way it is not intended that way in any sharp form or fashion.


Good point, Army. I may get offended and feel bad because you continue stepping on and killing small but live bugs. Please stop doing that.

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Greaseball, sleazeball, scumball, cheeseball take your pick for Cal. All fitting for him & nothing borderline about that.


I don’t watch Finebaum any more. Even though I heard that’s from Tennessee, but too me, he’s just an Alabama homer. SEC needs to make a change.

Well, there’s nothing borderline about Cal being a greaseball.

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