Hogs vs. Rutgers soccer: 6 pm CST Friday

Following Florida State-Michigan, which would produce the team we would play in the NCAA semis. Duke-Santa Clara is also Friday night; BYU-Poultry is Saturday night in Provo.

Just found out Santa Clara was shorthanded for the last 30 minutes in the Sweet 16 match with Wisconsin, held up despite 11v10 and got a late goal to win. Pretty impressive.

I love watching Santa Clara play, and almost always pull for west-coast teams over teams back east.

However, should we make it that far, I’d rather take my chances against Duke in the College Cup Final than the Lady Broncs … playing on their home turf. That’d be borderline unfair.

We scored first at Duke three months ago. They tied it before halftime, then the same girl got fouled in the box twice in three minutes, they converted both PKs and that was that. But they dominated the play and really 3-1 was about right. We’re a better team now.

By the way, if we beat Rutgers we get the Florida State-Michigan winner. If we play Duke again it’s in the NCG.

Went back and edited my post … to more clearly reflect the point I was trying to make. :neutral_face:

Gotcha. Well, in the NCG you expect to have to work for it, whether it’s high-flying Dook or the defending champs on their home field. Just hope we get the chance.

But then again, if we make the NCG I’d just as soon it be against BYU, who we’ve already beaten, or the Chickens, who finished fourth in our league.

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