Hogs vs religious schools

Arkansas could face 4 more faith-based schools if the season extends to April 5th:
Sweet 16: Oral Roberts
Elite 8: Baylor (or Villanova)
Final Four: Loyola Chicago
Championship: Gonzaga

(Add Colgate to that list, and that would be 5 out of 6. Better yet, with the deity-like adoration some have for Chris Beard, perhaps you could say all 6. :grin:).

One game at a time, of course… but interesting nonetheless.

I’ll go ahead and trademark the Hogs run through the Tournament as Religious Madness.

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Hmmm, this presents a challenge for faith-based Hog fans. My personal policy is that I never pray for the Hogs to win, that would be selfish and petty. I just pray for the other team to lose and then I accept the Lord’s perfect will, whatever the outcome. :innocent:


Sister Jean says that before every Loyola game she prays for both teams…then admits that she doesn’t pray as hard for the other team.

And we could face Bama. Yet another religious school which worships two deities. One living and one dead.


You made me spit my coffee out… :joy:


Relax, everyone. The Almighty and I have spoken many times about this; She assured me that praying for the outcome of a sporting event is simply a waste of time. (Though She does keep a mental note of which fans offer up the best deals … hoping to barter for a little Devine Intervention.)

She further clarified that deciding the outcome of athletic competitions (at least in the SEC) has been left to the folks in Birmingham.


And I’ll place my money on “Cardinal Crusade”…


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I would have to place Baylor in another category. They are just a school who gives religious schools a bad name.

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I’ll have to agree with you harley…I’m a lifelong Baptist and I’m so very ashamed of them. Not just recently either. Sigh…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Now that was a super BAM!

Is there any commandment that Baylor hasn’t broken in the past 20 years? I sure can’t think of any they haven’t.

It goes back further than 20 years. Cheap shot on Steve Little opened my eyes to what they are all about.

Those are small compared to the cover up of sexual abuse.

And cheating at recruiting. Sigh…

Don’t forget murder. Even thou shalt not kill thy teammate was too tough for them to abide by.

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