Hogs vs Rebs on ESPN U 2015 Overtime Lateral game

On right now…

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been watching. Brandon Allen was a beast that night.

The head announcer just called us the Alabama razorbacks on our last TD in regulation

I was cleaning up an old external hard drive I had that I’d not looked at in ages and came across a file called Game. It was a big digital video file and so I opened it and lo and behold it turned out to be a copy of the 2015 Henry Heave game. So I had just watched it about a week ago. Damn but that one play has to haunt the Ole Miss fans. That season they were on the brink of something good and we sorta crushed it for them. That still warms my heart. Is that wrong? LOL

If I am remembering correctly, they had already beaten bama and losing to us kept them out of the SEC championship game. I wonder if that loss on that play haunts them as much as Stoerner’s fumble in the 98 EOEk game haunts us?

It is a sore subject for the Ole Miss fans. Hugh Freeze said once that he won’t talk about it. That was probably Ole Miss’ best team since the first SEC expansion.

The Tennessee game hurt Arkansas in 1998, but I always thought the game that haunted the Razorbacks that year was the next week at Mississippi State. Arkansas played awful in the first half, played great in the second half but lost on a field goal with about four seconds to play. MSU and Arkansas tied for the division and the Bulldogs went to Atlanta.

After watching the game last night I was reminded how good Branden Allen played that night. I also was sad seeing WR Reed because of the potential he had that was never realized. And the missed tackles on D. In those days typically our issues were defense not offense.

A great game. I really wanna bet the Rebs, Black Bears or whoever they cal themselves.

For those of you who want to relive the moment, here is the link: