Hogs vs. Rebnecks

Go Hogs


We have missed a lot of shots. They have missed more. We need to score some points

Lykes throws it away again…wow!

We better wake up. Offense has been bad so far

blown a chance to be up by 10 because they shot the ball about as bad as you can shoot it we haven’t taken advantage of it we’ll probably regret that

Poorly played game so far.

Knew Arkansas was going to struggle early against that 1-3-1 zone

hopefully they’ll get it figured out

Jalen needs to shoot more. Much more

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Shoot the ball Jay will

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The hogs have turnovers and allowed the Rebels to take the lead! This isn’t good!

Umude and Toney don’t have a single point…Should not happen… thank goodness Wade is showing up

Hopefully they wear down in the second half and we make some runs.

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Ugly first half…

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My goodness, I’ve never seen so many missed shots.
3 minutes to go in the half and nobody has 25 points yet.

Inserting Wade into the starting lineup 5 games ago was a genius move by Muss


Incredible block by Kimani and then we throw it five feet over his head and missed a slam dunk opportunity

Wade may be our best shooter.

We’re a turnover machine tonight…

We are just not a very good ball-handling team seriously… they are kicking our butt with that zone

The unforced turnovers are hard to watch.