Hogs vs Penn

Through most of the second half, the Hogs have allowed Penn to hang around and cut into the lead. We really miss Toney out there. and where has Conner gone to? Why has Muss left him out of the game when he has been effective? I love Coach Muss, but really question not having Vanover in the game this late.

Umude had a nice game, Notae got his points on a lot of shots, we turned it over too much, we won.

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I’m just glad it’s over. I know these games are needed to build records up, but it’s just a different generational mind set or something. They just don’t get up for these games, when back in the day it was get all you can get ally oop festival, crowd pleaser.
It seems now just do as much as you have too sometimes in these games.

It’s what it was supposed to be. Record builder. Mission accomplished. We are undefeated!



Stanley Umude is starting to become the scorer we all hoped he would be coming in from S Dakota. His 3-pt shot looked good. Hit 2 threes I believe. Scored very well in the paint area as well. Maybe he’s at least part of the answer for our 3-pt shooting woes.

I wish Jaxson Robinson could get a run, especially in these games against inferior opponents. Jaxson is a big wing that can shoot. I agree with the OP above that Connor should’ve played more in the 2nd half. He played well in his limited minutes.

I appreciate Jaylin’s rebounding, passing, taking charges, and all-round hustle, but he needs to become more of a low post scoring option for this team.


Well, I recall in our opening game last season we beat some hapless SWAC team by 80 pts. But Muss’ style of play tends to not lead to very many blowout wins. His MO is get a lead, hold the other team at arm’s length, and then go into iso/stall mode and basically run out the clock on the opponent. Not the prettiest basketball, but highly effective. Also, sloppy play in 2nd half let Penn hang around. Waiting for this team to put together a complete 40 minutes of basketball. To this point, we’ve seen brief glimpses of this team’s potential.

Tbh, I miss the days when Nolan’s best teams would beat a Penn team like this by 50 pts, but those days are gone, and probably not coming back.


There’s no reason to be to critical. The hogs won and didn’t play their best. I’m anxious to see when they have a good day form 3!

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Oh, it’s coming. I can’t wait either.


Nah it’s not generational. It’s probably not a culture issue in muss program either (although he is in love with the stand around and run the clock out offense when we have a lead). I think it’s just that this team hasn’t found its groove. I know I know just be happy we won and everything, but I don’t think we have overwhelmed an opponent all year. We certainly aren’t setting in scoring records with our offense this year. One thing that is impressive though is that we are undefeated despite our offense. If we get hot shooting ever then watch out. Not sure when that’s going to happen though. No flow at all. Where is the pace and space!? Notae needs to dunk more. Ya and we need more alley oops! Come on

Very typical of our first game after Thanksgiving for us, not a lot of inspiration, just got the job done and moving on…

I’m a little concerned with our starting lineup that we started today because we really only have two real scoring options Notae and Toney to speak of unless CV hit’s some shots… I wouldn’t be surprised if we tweak that by the time we hit conference play to get a little more offense in the game.

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Let’s see if you guys feel the same when we get into the heart of Sec schedule.

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I thought the flow and tempo were good today

Good passing

Just missed shots

Although I believe we did wind up shooting over 50%

Turnovers were the bugaboo today


it was good playing a team like Penn with no real athletes on the floor but will challenged a lot more when it counts.Yes and TO’s were not good,team plays hard but a work in progress on offense…Muss was not a happy Camper about the TO’s bc Penn is not team that turns you over he said.

It will be different in the heart of the SEC schedule, no question, I sure hope anyway. But I did point out these type of opponents for this discussion.

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I can see why Muss was agitated in his post-game presser. 15 turnovers against a team that played zone D all game long. That’s…not great.


Oh! No! Dilibe is back! I think I could’ve done just fine without you.

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This was a bad team without its best bad players.

No Muss ain’t happy.

Need to get Jaylin more involved in the offense. He’s really not looking to score much at all.

no he really doesn’t even look to score,is a great passer but we really need him to get involved on offense,I think he could get 8-9 a game if he really wanted to but so far he has not shown an interest in scoring

I think he can be a 10-12 pt scorer/gm. So can Connor. Arkansas should be getting a combined 20 pts/gm at minimum from those two.

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