Hogs Vs Oregon

Hogs 4
Oregon 4
Top 4 hogs are the visitor.
Gammil 3 run homer

Delce gave up 4 in the first then settled down, but was pulled bottom-4 after the first two Ducks reached. Callie Turner in now.

Hogs 4
Oregon 5
Top 5.

Not looking good for the softball team.
A 2 run blast gives Oregon a 7/4 lead in the bottom of the 5th. Not an insurmountable lead, but the offense has to rise to the challenge.
It will be disappointing to see another team celebrate on your home field, again.

Yes they had a rough start and the strike zone was inconsistent at best. The first inning was tough.

She has started 3 straight games, softball or no, gutty performance.

Well, I’ve heard that they have the #1 class coming in next year. IF SO, I hope they have addressed pitching. Delce gave it all she had.
Overall they had a good year. Hate to see it end for them.

She’s a warrior but can’t do it all. This one will be over soon. They just don’t have enough hitting.
The hogs loaded the bases in the first and ended the first with 1 run. Oregon loader them up and got 4 runs. There’s your ball game.

see that the Hogs were run ruled…14-4 in the 5th…on to next year,not the ending anyone wanted

Congratulations on a great season. I also underestimate how good West Coast softball is.

They better get us while they can.
Courtney is building a monster.

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The hogs are young and getting better.


I believe we will prevail, but we have lost to PAC 12 teams at home the last two seasons. I will never discount West Coast softball teams anymore.

Going down the roster, Delce and Foreman the only Seniors I noticed, I’m sure there will be changes w the recruiting class coming in, Hogs will be a force to be reckoned w for the future.

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