Hogs vs. Missouri State tonight will air on SEC Network

That announcement was made within the last hour.

Muy bueno. The ESPN3 feed last night was not good for me; lots of buffering and missed plays. I found myself listening to Phil and Rick more and more, then I’d check the video 45 seconds later if something happened. The stream was running 3-4 pitches behind the radio most of the night.

The worst, IMO, about ESPN3 is that it is typically lagging 45 seconds behind or so, making twitter discussion difficult. Need a SPOILER ALERT!

Glad to know I wasn’t the only one. It was pretty decent too we got right down to getting the last couple outs and it started buffering like crazy LOL

Man, I am stuck in Vegas till the 16th. I managed to get the radio feed off the internet last night. the game was unwatchable with the buffering.

My hotel doesn’t get the SEC Network, so radio again.

Go to one of the sportsbooks. They will have it on for sure.

I would agree. I watched a Hog football game in one about 10 years ago with Tennessee and South Carolina fans.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. The buffering got worse as the game went on. More and more interruptions. Glad it’ll be on SEC Network even if it is late because of rain.