Hogs vs Miss St game

I missed the first 8 points or so, but I have not seen many assists to keep track of. I’m about to check the box score. And wow Lykes is just a black hole on offense and too small to play defense. We started strong and now look like our bad habits are just too tough for us to shake

4 assists total and Lykes just had another turnover

And maybe we see why KK doesn’t play more

Totally lost on defense there

Right now we are a bad team. We may not be bad in a month, but we’ve been bad for a while.

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Where is Toney??? He had five quick points did he get two fouls???

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Yes, Devo, Lykes and Toney all have 2.

We can just hang within five or six points at the half I think we can make a run then in the second half

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Stupid idiot laughing at us on SEC networks… get your laughs in now clown cuz next year rolls around it’s going to be on and Poppin …stupid idiot

That was an awesome shot by Umude that’s what we need from him… That’s what I’m talking about big man

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It’s too bad Arkansas is so offensively inept because the defense and rebounding has been very solid for the Hogs so far


Only down by two points at the half and we get Toney and Devo back in the second half this is doable…Umude is capable of going off hopefully those last couple of shots will get his mojo back

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We had a couple of baskets wiped out by charging fouls…and they were the right calls.
But if they are going to call those, they have to call it on both ends. Last basket by State should have also been a charge.

Hopefully Muss was working them on the way off the court and we will get some early calls go our direction in the second half.

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Our starting guards have one assist each. Kk has none. JWill has 3. Lykes has 3 turnovers. I don’t know what’s so hard about playing team basketball.

Toney and Umude and JRobinson look capable shooting now if we can just figure out some teamwork. Kk is not worse at defense than Lykes

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The defense is keeping us in it…certainly a winnable game

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He’s a lot worse on offense. He can’t get around his man.

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yeah…probably his foot

First 5 minutes of the second half are key to this game… we have to stay within striking distance and not let them jump on us by double digits

How much longer do we blame the foot? I just don’t understand why he’s cleared to play and getting minutes if he’s hurt.

His foot looked fine against Elon but once the competition steps up his foot is hurt again? I don’t buy it. I think the competition level has caught up with him which might be a by product of getting hurt last year.

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I’m happy with that 1st half. Got off to little rough start on the offensive end, but overall defensive intensity was good. With Toney and Devo both missing much of the first half with 2 fouls, to be down only 2 points is encouraging.

Now, just have to get off to a good start to this 2nd half and stay out of foul trouble.

i mean you’re probably right…the MSU defenders basically swallowed him up…

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