Hogs vs Illinois in West

8 seed in Des Moines on Thursday.

Kansas waiting in the second round. No surprise.

Winner gets Kansas

We can win both of those games if we will get our butt in gear and play 40 minutes


Playing in Des Moines will have a lot of Illinois fans there.

Jay Wright thinks we give KU a big problem.


Only a 6-hour drive from Fayetteville I expect us to have an absolute ton of folks there… that’s not but about an hour or so further than Dallas and you know how many fans we have show up there


The times I have watched Kansas they have not been overly impressive to me… The key to us is that’s not beating ourselves if we can keep from doing that and play a full 40 minutes like we’re capable we can play with a lot of folks


Not sure how many cogs are left on those gears. They been grinding those gears for a while now.

Winner may get Howard. I mean, it could happen, right?

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What time?

No times listed yet in ESPN app, all games listed as TBD.

This is a brand new season if you can’t get a breath of fresh air for that then you didn’t want it very bad. We had some very tough matchups down the stretch against teams that are there familiar with us that will not be the case with Illinois or Kansas if we get that far


About the same distance as Omaha, and we manage to get a few people up there.


Youdaman you are correct

Yes I expect to hear a lot of Wooo Pig Soieee


Duke gets ORU. Could be fun…

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I just saw that that’ll be a lot of fun… of course the one person they mentioned is Connor LOL

We are 0-5 against Illinois

Hope our fans show up as we will need them.

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Right on, Youdaman. But I can’t help but wonder how much prep will they need? There is plenty of film to see that playing a zone defense is a good place to start.

Meh. Haven’t played them in 18 years. Ancient history.