Hogs vs Dores game 2

Murphy gets Hammered for 3 hits including a 3 run homer. Then walks 2. Still in the 7th with 1 out. Alberius comes in with 2 on 1 out.

0-4 Dores

Hogs finally get out of the 7th with a throw out at 3rd as Vandy tried a double steal. Then Alberius gets a K.

Time to stretch

0-4 Dores

Murphy’s book
1 1/3 innings
3 H
2 K
2 BB
3 R

Hogs get a lead off hit, but do diddly with it.
Wright is just cruising.

11 K
2 H
1 W
0 R
106 pitches

Headed to the 8th

I don’t see how fans think Hogs are going anywhere this post season. They have not shown much of late. They don’t appear to have any dominant pitchers and the hitting is inconsistent. I think they were lucky to win last night. VU appears to be a much better team overall.

Alberius gives up a walk with 2 outs and leaves him stranded.

Headed to bottom 8th

0-4 Dores

What are you talking about Reddie? Do you even know baseball in the least or are you just running your mouth?

We lead the SEC in HRs with 62
We are 1st in the SEC with Strikeouts so pitching is fine.
And we are 3rd in the west and only back 1 1/2 games from leading the conference.
We also have a solid chance to host a regional.

Hogs go down in order for the 8th. Wright is done. Only 3 outs to work with though.

Headed to the 9th

0-4 Vandy

Alberius gives up 2 more runs in the top of the 9th. Leaves 1 stranded.

Last licks for the Hogs

Bottom 9th

0-6 Dores

Alberius book
2 and 2/3 innings
2 K
3 H
1 W
2 R

Hogs get 2 runs on 2 hits including a homer by Koch. 63 homers on the year to lead the SEC. Good momentum for tomorrow. Rubber match!

2-6 Dores Win

WPS let’s get’em tomorrow Hogs!