Hogs VS Commodores

Really need this W to get our mojo back and start a new winning streak.
Not sure how much I’ll be able to post today, because I don’t have ESPNU at the office.
I’m gonna try to stream it if I don’t get too busy.
You guys will be in good shape with Billy and his Usain Bolt internet connection, lol.
Go Hogs!


Yeah big game for us. Going to be a tough one though. Vandy’s gym always is tough to deal with even for an experienced team that has played a lot together much less for a team like ours that still learning about themselves.
We need to get off to a good start and that is usually been our problem but hopefully we can come out with energy today and get it done

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Someone mentioned that Vandy’s benches aren’t on the baselines anymore. I didn’t know that.
I hate to use the term “must-win,” but today feels like that for me.

Yeah I had heard that and wasn’t aware of that. Maybe that will help us some. We played incredibly well there a few years ago. We need to somehow do that today

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So both Mitchell’s, Devo, Black and Council will start.

HogStats just posted some shooting stats for us at Vandy over the years. We’ve shot a better percentage from 3 at Vandy than any arena in the SEC. Including BWA.

On the other hand, we’re only 6-25 in road games officiated by Doug Shows.

I think the reason for that is Vandy supposedly has some pretty good big men and is the strength of their team.

Yeah in the past we’ve always had someone who had the ability to shoot the 3 pretty well. This team so far has not shown that for sure.
That’s a pretty sad percentage with him calling the game…
Going to be an uphill battle to say the least all the way around.

To be specific, we’ve shot 39% from deep at Memorial Gym in 16 appearances. We’re nowhere near 39% over the same period of time at BWA. Which is to say it’s not a house of horrors for our shooters, weird configuration notwithstanding.

Well the benches are down on ends like they always are don’t know where that rumor that they weren’t came from.
I’m not surprised that’s their home court advantage big time

Let’s hope we can reproduce those numbers

I dislike women broadcaster’s

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Two bricks for Mitchell. Weird free throw form

Wow, that’s about as surprising as the sun coming up this morning.

Look sloppy early. To’s early not a good start.

Great defense Mitchell but you can’t foul 40 ft from the baskets

What’s the deal with road teams wearing white? Kids these days!

Sweet floater by council

There you go Council. That shot will be open all game.

Are you sure you didn’t mean … ?