Hogs vs Colgate

Devo w 2 tutnovers

That was for Hogq

I hope they settle down soon! Colgate’s big man just picked up his second foul! Of course Williams has 2 for us.

Colgate 3-6 from the FT line

Arkansas 3-3 FT

As of now, but not when I typed that a bit ago. We had only been to line once then and they had been to line 3 times. The aggressive play has improved for the Hogs but not when I typed it. If you’re just a reporter and not a fan, why make the comment DD?

Goodness gracious, Colgate is getting lucky, but we are also just conceding shots to them.

Well Colgate has a 8 point run! It’s tome for our hogs to dig in and play some ball! Why haven’t we took it to the hole.

Taking very bad shots. One by moody, then notre then Tate. Make that 4. Vanover also. He doesn’t have a rebound nor block nor points

Yep we’ve screwed around enough and gave them all the momentum and to get comfortable, meanwhile we look like we’ve never seen a basketball

Because reporters are paid to not only provide quotes and stats, but observations as well.

Here’s another one - Colgate is on an 8-0 run since it was tied 17-17.

Arkansas had better start defending the post and the 3-point line or Seth Davis is going to be laughing all day

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We need to speed the game up. Colgate is getting some lucky breaks at the moment, but we can run them down if we speed it up.

Get Notae out if he’s not going to drive.

One team showed up hungry ready to attack and one team showed up thinking the name on the jersey was enough. Musselman didn’t have his team ready to play at all. Vanover has no purpose to be on the floor.

At this point it’s keep the score in single digits the way we’re playing.

These announcers are convinced Colgate is the real deal

Colgate has caught some lucky breaks that we haven’t but that’s still no excuse for how we’re playing.

Making shots

Pure and simple

That’s the whole story

We are missing open shots

Definitely time to wake up and start playing ball. Hogs been sleepwalking thru this game so far.

I was waiting for your to spew your hate for Muss. Not seen you post one thing positive about the team or Muss all year.

We get it…

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We are just too inconsistent with our shooting.
We had better get the 3pt defense going because I don’t think we can outshoot these guys from the 3pt line.