Hogs vs Colgate

Well the hogs started with 2 TO’s. Not very pretty.

Playing with nerves. It’s obvious.

Fight through those screens because that’s where they are taking those 3’s.

4 TO’s now. Gotta protect the ball.

Yep, 5 of Colgates 7 points are on TO’s.

Tate being sloppy with ball for sure

Making some shots would help

Need to attack the rim. Settling for jumpers every trip down.

Nobody is being aggressive. They’re letting Colgate dictate the pace.

No rebounds, no energy.

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Colgate definitely looks like they want it more at this point.

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I mean no movement whatsoever!!!

Everyone is just standing around hoping something good happens.

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Team ball has gone out the window. If Smith makes the extra pass to Williams, that’s a dunk.

We didn’t come ready to play. Sleepwalking. Gave then the start they had to have… Better wake up

I said the only way Colgate beats us is if we play terrible.

Well…so far…check.

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They look quicker than us. Tate needs to step up. Last 2 games were horrible. Get the ball inside

I think we are doing fine on offense except making the shots

We have had open shots

They’re not faster, but they are packing the paint and inviting our guards to drive if they’ll just do it.

Arkansas 5-13 from the field, 1-of-4 from 3

Colgate 5-of-14, 2 of 5 from 3

Arkansas has an 8-4 lead on the boards

Arkansas 4 turnovers, Colgate 3

Not sure how that translates to wanting it more

They are playing more aggressive and taking it right to us. That’s how. Look how many more times they’ve been to the line to shoot.

I never said the last part.

Get off the cliff everyone, starting out sloppy, little hyped up , they ll settle in , 32 min to go