Hogs vs Cinncy

Well it won’t be long and we will see how our hogs perform on back to back nights. I hope they play a complete game. Notae needs to be making some shots instead of throwing up so many bricks. I really don’t know if Cinccy will slow the pace or speed it up.
Hoping for a hogs win.

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The key to the game in my opinion is discipline. Our guys need to understand their role and execute their role. Don’t go beyond what the team needs.

More ball movement and better shot selection are needed. Cincy D is very good.

It’s not going to start until 9:30 Eastern and I have to go to work early tomorrow. Not sure I’m going to make it to the final buzzer.

How about more player movement to go with the ball movement? Last night (particularly in the second half) there was way too much standing around on offense.

Man, the eastern time zone is the worst. You guys always have to stay up way too late.

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Man, watching this Virginia VS Providence game is like watching paint dry

Thing is Tony Bennett has a natty. He could recruit people to play any style. Yet he sticks with this. Jelani Gardner looks pretty good though. Remember we were in on him before he decided to transfer to UVa.

You are clearly exaggerating…

I, for one, find it astonishingly fascinating to observe changes to both hue and texture as moisture evaporates from a fresh coat.

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It works for him. Worked thst way a lot of years. I like our style

Oh yeah. More off-ball movement and hard cuts to the rim.

Defense is playing really well.

Offense isn’t bad, but don’t need to look for the homerun score so much. Just run the offense.

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First one to 60 will win this game.

Make the pass Notae

Too many guys standing around on offense.

Notae just can’t stand it. It’s in his DNA to just go one on one! For the most part the ball
Movement has been good. We are scoring at the rim and then get away from it.

It might end up being first team to 50.

But almost all his shots haven’t been 1 on 1. He’s trying to shoot against double coverage.

I had a feeling we were going to win this on defense because our half court offense is not going to get many good looks against their defense… we are playing very good on defense we can just get a little run going here stretch it out to 8 or 10-point lead at half

Right now Cincinatti is a one man team. Don’t need to change the defense, but maybe knock the guy down one good time to make him think twice about trying to go inside.