Hogs VS Cards

Good day. Took advantage of a beautiful November day to hit the links for a quick 9 holes in 2 hours, got home to watch the World Cup (which was great except for that penalty) and then the Hogs blast Loserville. I’ve seen us beat UL before, but never eviscerate them like that.

I’ve never heard Jay Bilas go on and on about an Arkansas team like that. Or any non-ACC team for that matter.


I did catch him say we’re gonna have our hands full with Creighton. Didn’t get to see them play, but read y’alls post saying they are gonna be tough.

They are very good… extremely good offensive team, have a very good PG good passing team, several good shooters especially #55, 7-footer inside, another 610 big man. I think where they may hurt us the most is they put that 7-footer in front of the goal on defense which is really going to make it hard for us to score inside and get offensive rebounds. They have good on ball defense as well.

We are a Taller more aggressive team than Texas tech I believe,so it will be interesting to see how they handle our defense, our best bet is to somehow turn them over and get in transition or somehow get their big guy in foul trouble. We are the more athletic team if we can get it into a transition game we can beat them…
AB plays the way he did tonight would be absolutely huge for us. We need Brazil to not have a no-show night like he did tonight, Devo needs to get about 10 or 15, Walsh needs to get about 10. We can beat them we’re just going to play very well

On Kenpom we went from 14 to 10 and Creighton went from 23-19. Kenpom has us with 56% chance to win. Score prediction from them is 71-69. We were 88% chance against louisville but I don’t remember the score prediction

Still early for these computer rankings. Its changing quick this weekend but for the most part these reflect who you have played than anything else.

They still have Kentucky 4th with a 3-2 record.

Hawgball is back, boys!

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Thought I had it recorded. Only got the last 3 minutes. Dang…

Saw where he was injured, rolled an ankle or something. ESPN said it’s something to keep an eye on for tomorrow’s game.

yeah he rolled it 2 times,so I’m sure it will be a little sore

Meanwhile, Bellarmine that beat Louisville is getting its doors blown off by Dook.

Yeah a little bit different skill set and Athleticism between those two teams.(Duke and Louisville)

Bellarmine made it more respectable but still lost by 17.

Yeah they’ve got a very solid basketball team very well coached

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