Hogs VS Cards

What a dime by Devo!!!

Double digit dunks

Gas is probably passed out.

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Yeah he’ll have to be revived

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Look at that athleticism by Graham he had to be above the white square! That’s the dude whose light bulb is going to come on on both ends of the floor because he is really really good


You think Blake and Arbogast expected to get any PT this week?



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That 80 point offense looks pretty salty to me

Will be elite offense against elite defense tomorrow night should be very interesting to see how that turns out.

Final score?

80-54. With 11 dunks

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Graham needs more playing time. Our second team may be a top 30 team.

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Stats posted in new thread on the way…

He’s not committed to defense yet and we all know that comes first with Eric he is a very good offensive player though no doubt about that I think he will eventually become a very important piece of the puzzle

Guess we poured it on in the 2nd half…

The only struggles this team will have is against a good shooting team, (especially a good 3 point shooting team), and plays a good zone defense.
However, if they continue to play as well defensively as they have been, they might not struggle that much.

Slightly. Won the second half 44-26. With seven dunks (five of them in a 3-minute span).

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We keep shooting 40% from deep like we did tonight and they aren’t gonna zone us.

Guess I’ll just have to watch it then since I recorded it.

Absolutely! If we can get this shooting down consistently , we will be absolutely tough to beat.