Hogs vs. bracket preview teams

CBS just aired a bracket preview for the NCAA Tournament, showing which teams would be a top four seed if the tournament began today.

Arkansas has played four teams in the selection committee’s top 16 - No. 5 Auburn, No. 12 North Carolina, No. 13 Tennessee and No. 16 Oklahoma - and has a 2-2 record against them.

That’s true Matt but they failed to mention that. They made reference to Texas A@M being a dominate and dangerous team. They said that Arkansas has 2 bad losses to LSU and firmly on the bubble and could be outside of the field. Texas A&M has also lost 2 times to LSU. They also made reference to Arkansas can’t win on the road. The NCAA tournament isn’t played in Bud Walton Arena.
That’s how the Hogs are treated by the media!

The media doesn’t decide the field or influence it. The NCAA committee has criteria to get selected and they go off of that criteria no matter what the media says. Media said last year SEC was a 3 bid league, we got 5 teams safely in. If you want to know where we stand keep up with Lunardi’s bracketlogy he’s an insider he knows what criteria the committee is looking at and he bases his brackets off of that. If he says the committee currently thinks we’re a 10 seed, you can safely be assured we’re around that 10 seed range. I believe he has like a 99% pick rate.

Blu I follow and look at Lunardi’s brackets and projections. You can look at the 1-4 seeds and see there’s bias!

Not sure how there’s media bias when the top 4 seeds by lunardi are Xavier, Purdue, Virginina and Vilanova. None of those are blue blood schools. If there was bias Duke, Kentucky, Kansas, and UNC would be the number 1 seeds.

North Carolina don’t deserve a top 1-4 seed! Neither does Kansas.

I agree and they don’t have #1 seeds.

You were saying you can tell by the seeds their is media bias, i was saying if their was media bias they would put their blue bloods as top seeds.

What I’m pointing too is that the media and committee seed the blue bloods in order to protect them and once the tournament starts the refs do thier part to keep them winning. It’s money and TV ratings in my opinion.
After the hogs play Kentucky look at how each team is seeded and you will see! Look right now with identical records and with a common opponent Tennessee which we beat and the Vols swept Kentucky! No mention of them being a bubble team but that may change soon.
Blue bloods get in with a marginal resume

Here you go:

https://www.cbssports.com/college-baske … prise-you/

Note AR’s worst losses (LSU) is in quadrant 2. Also, conference record doesn’t matter. So those worried about 8-10 it doesn’t count

Same to losses that Texas A&M has. Also South Carolina beat Texas A&M.