Hogs VS Bluejays

Let’s get off to a hot start. Go Hogs!

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I’m ready jeremy!! Now let’s go!!

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I hope the hogs get off to a quick start and take care of the ball.


I say we dunk <2 mins. into game!

What channel are we on?

ESPN right after the CFP show


Dunk? Gas is under the goal on hogs side. He’ll judge those dunks!


Whoops! Under blues goal

Got a cousin who is a Catholic priest (foul mouthed guy… how he end up a priest is for another day). Just got a text from him.

“Jays will kick Hog a$$”

We may be outnumbered today, crowdwise

Just call the Hogs like they blue jays aren’t even there.


Nice pass AB!

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Should have been a and1

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Little dude can shoot

Atta boy Devo

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Nerves, a bit!!

Our guys aren’t iintimidated at all. Need to wipe the smile off the 7 footer’s face.

You rang!!

How old are these cats or birds against our young ones?