Hogs VS Aztecs

Muss was not asked about it in the post game interview. but right before they interviewed Kamani chuck said there was still some extra curricular going on between the coaching staffs. Can only imagine it was just verbal. It was well after the game was was over though

There is a lot of history there. At Nevada they played SDS a lot. Muss is like 4-7 so there might be some hard feelings there.

Both. Looked like some scuffling from a video Matt posted on Twitter.

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I didn’t like the SDSU coach talking to Brazile (OT? Late in 2nd half?) when TB got a foul in front of their bench. Yeah, he gave them the silent stare but you are a coach for crying out loud.

We have some yappers. They back it up, too. All you can ask is to be confident in your skills and back it up. If you lose, tip your hat and go get better.


Who’s the really big guy in a white shirt. It looked like an Aztec assistant coach was trying to hold him back as he was charging toward the Arkansas staff.

Bad blood between these 2 coaching staffs? Guess they have history.

Oh now I get it. I forgot about times playing against Nevada. Very intense game no doubt about it