Hogs VS Aztecs

I see 4 teams in Maui (maybe 6 with SDSU and Ohio St.) that could make it to Houston…us, Creighton, Zona, and TTech. Very strong field. Let’s get to 2-1 tonight!

Go Hogs!


Need to win this game. 2-1 much better than 1-2…

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Very strong field… hopefully we view this as every game we are trying to get better than the game before, pick out something last night that we did not do as well as we know we can and make that the focus for tonight.

Probably hard for council to shoot the ball as well as he did last night so we’re going to need other people to chip in with more points so he doesn’t have to like Walsh, makai Mitchell San Diego State has a 611 big guy with the rest of their lineup is smaller than us I can see us being able to bother them with our length hopefully.

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Wondering why we aren’t playing right now instead of these sorry Louisville and Cincy teams? C’mon. ESPN! This is a freaking Top 20 matchup. Just stupid programming.

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I would think that we need as much rest as possible before the next game, given as much effort and little rest as we got in the game last night.

That’s crazy. The championship game has already been played. Both those teams played last night. Why would you not put a Top 20 matchup in prime time?

Man Louisville is bad. Reaaly really bad. On offense 4 guys standing around and one guy dribbling bounce bounce bounce bounce. He dribbles in and charges into a guy that never even moved. Just stood there most of the possession. . . .

I feel for them. . . . . we’ve been there.

Reporting in—in line already


Need a W tonite, Fred! Go Hogs!

It will be prime time for San Diego state

I have a feeling we’re going to get off to a very slow start, hopefully our defense will keep us in it long enough until we can get it rolling.

I think the hogs will be ticked off about last night and take it out of San Diego State. Hit start on offense and defense.


That would be awesome, hope you’re right

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4 minutes. Let’s go!

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I thought Walsh should go up and make that shot but he made a good pass and AB drilled it

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They are very tough defensive team as advertised

Same refs?

I would highly doubt it.

We really need to drive and kick

Black trying to do 2 much

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