Hogs vs Auburn

Well tip of is getting close! Cross your fingers and hope our hogs show up ready to play.

is this the during game thread?

Starting line up is:



On the pregame Muss said he wanted to start physical. And he articulated how each player would match up man to man. Ricky taking their 4.


Let’s go Hogs!! Rock and Roll

Rebounding should not be a problem vs auburn. We have to do better stopping points in the paint though than we have the last couple of games. Anyways if this is to send a message to our big guys not being in the starting lineup great. The twins need to play better. Kamani is my favorite hog not gonna lie

They’re going to take it to us. I hope we’re ready.

Let’s go Kamani :slight_smile:

Showed Devo’s teacup dunk from last year… :joy:

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Tea bag, Danny, lol.

Yeah…that one. Crazy old man.

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Their guy just punched NSJ in the back in the key


Sweet pass Devo!

Great start. Can’t make that foul, Walsh.

Thats right. Walsh has gotta stay on his feet.

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Nick to get a blow

Hate to give them three FTs

DPG up to 2.

And Walsh is looking for his shot. And making it

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Graham, my man!

Graham still can’t guard anybody but at least he didn’t give up the dunk.


Nothing flagrant there.