Hogs VS Aggies

Incredibly cold and icy in NWA right now. Curious what kind of crowd we will have.
A&M had difficulty getting here, so that could be a factor.
Bottom line, the Aggies appear to be pretty good, and we can not afford to lose again in The Bud.
Go Hogs!

Yeah Buzz Williams can coach with the best of them, it will always be a tough game with him… I will catch up with y’all in the second half about to go get my sweat on. Hope we will play as well as we did against LSU in the first half.

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Will be a tough one. They beat us 2 out of 3 last year and our win was in OT.

Never easy to play the Aggies…for a number of reasons.

Maybe their travel troubles are karma from the completely head in a$$ way they handled covid a couple of years ago, but Aggies gonna Aggie.

That said, need to be focused tonite, because somehow Buzz’s outfit has a much better SEC record than we do.

I chose not to go…

BTW what TV Ch are we on?

Probably smart. Mike.

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JD makes me want to puke sometimes…

Lets go 4th!

Why no and 1?

Foul was on the shot he missed before the tip-in

The 4th for 3!

WE got this!

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If fourth is on, this is gonna be a lot of fun to watch

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Where is Walsh?

On bench saving his fouls! Lol

And there is a turnover


Boom Davis found it!!

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Graham gonna be Graham