Hogs @ Vols Game Thread

Well I hope our hogs are ready to play. A win would be really nice. If the hogs put 80 points on the scoreboard in this game it should be a win.
Come defense and step up to the challenge and have 2 good halves and a complete game.
Maybe they can focus when they get to the free throw line and make them.

Hello Army! Great time to start a run, as in W’s! Don’t ya think?


That would be over the top

Tennessee - 5.5. Line seems to have tightened a little from more like 6.5 or 7 yesterday.

Go Hogs! Let’s go 2-0 this week.

Really need this one badly,hopefully our defense can suffocate them and they have a bad shooting night like they do from time to time,

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SEC Network guys were talking that if we beat the Mustard boys we should be in the conversation for potential Final Four teams.

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I think if we can keep from beating ourselves we can beat a lot of folks


Time for road breakthrough win. We have been so close since our last one. I am feeling good and not sure why, maybe it was the wine I had with dinner! Let’s go boys - this one will be a battle and will end up in the 60’s I bet!

No go for Tyreke Key tonite. Don’t know if that helps Hogs, but he’s not playing tonite for Tenn.

It’s time for our Hogs to find a “ACORN” tonight. WPS

Well here we go again… our game will begin via the ESPN App. Lets hope they pull their head out of their backside and make it actually available and not leave it in the “UPCOMING” category.

So Iowa is up big @ Indiana, the Hawkeyes hit a 3 with 1:23 left and the shooter turned around and blew a kiss to the IU student section. Which got him T’d up. I’ve never seen a T for taunting the student section before (but I remember Rick Bullock of Texas Tech giving the single-finger salute with both hands to the Mad Hatters at Barnhill after fouling out; no T was given).

Actually it looks like the telecast will start on time. Iowa-Indiana is over.

Jimmy Dykes is getting to see about every one of Arkansas games LOL

My goodness we are not even hit the freaking rim on our first two shots

We shoot some bricks, man.

as usual we have no clue what to do on an inbound pass and get it slammed on us

Not a great start.

Early but ugly so far

No none of our shots have even been close to going in… they are a great defensive team but the shots we’ve had were open enough to where they should have been a whole lot closer than they were