Hogs @ Vandy

I looked on D-1 baseball site and saw where there’s a writer picking the hogs to win the series on the road at Vandy as one of his big upsets of the week.
After watching them play yesterday they play sound defense so the hogs will have to earn the runs they get. Play sound defense.
The starting pitching and the bullpen will have to be at the top of their game. Offense just needs to be solid.

Key will be pitching, youngster need to grow up quick. Vandy is a very good offensive team.

I think we have played very well against Vandy. We are not intimidated by anybody or any surroundings especially after last year.The key is just a go in and not beat ourselves. You have to take advantage of the opportunities you get if you’re going to beat a team as good as they are.they have very good starting pitching so we’re going to have to have some great at-bats and take advantage of those opportunities.we are going to have to pitch the ball exceptionally well they are very good hitting team.

Solid pitching and sound defense will win this series which ever team does those 2 things will win. I think the hogs win Friday and Saturday to win the series. Sunday will be a toss up! After the Game 2 win at Auburn I think the hogs have found their groove and confidence.
One thing for sure these next few weeks could dictate the hosting a regional
Or a Super Regional! By looking at the RPI I think we are a super host but the polls leave the hogs in the regional host!
All we can hope these next weeks is our hogs leave it all out on the diamond!

Every weekend is different. Every matchup is different. Baseball has and always will be a game of adjustment. The pitchers and hitters who adjust to what the other is giving them do best. Both of these coaching staffs do an excellent job of scouting, so there are no secrets, only adjustments after one team prepares for what the other does.

This sounds cliche, I know. But that’s what baseball is about. Vandy is well coached, so is Arkansas. That’s what makes this series fun. What you are able to do one weekend, you might not be able to do the next.

I did not think Ole Miss chased any bad pitches. Auburn did, especially in game three. Auburn’s hitters helped Patrick Wicklander a lot. Can he adjust to that and throw more strikes when hitters don’t chase that two seamer that works away from the lefty? He went quite a few games not getting lefties out because they were not chasing his two seam fast ball. Vandy will probably be wary of that.

That’s just one of the games within the game. There are hundreds.