Hogs @ Vandy.

Rough start for sure. I just don’t understand our higs!

Can’t remember the last time we got off to a good start, especially on the road. I am sure we have but it seems like we are always digging out of a hole. Time to dig!

I have no idea what our pregame, gameday, day before gameday, prep is, but next season I hope we do none of it again. Consistently starting games unable to dribble, pass, catch a pass, make a layup, make a 4 ft floater, make a open midrange jumper, make a open perimeter shot, or to have any common court awareness for 12 -15 minutes at the start of seemingly every single game.

It’s incredible

Well GasHog said it all. I’m speechless.

And we’re up 8 with four minutes left in the half, on a 15-0 run

Gabe keeps fouling to keep Vandy in the game. And we have another shot clock violation. Horrible.
That’s the worst first half I have ever witnessed. You have a team on the ropes where you can put them away and you can’t even get up good shots on offense.
That last possession sums up our entire season. Can’t stand to play under control.

I like Desi’s hustle. But man that kid refuses to pass the ball… reminds me of the stuff Anton Beard use to do.

This is just some horrible basketball by both


I thought the same thing with Mason Jones earlier. Couple guys open and he tried to go 1 on 5. Guys have to start noticing the open guy. Also, Embery-Simpson has passed up a few open shots, so has Chaney (shots I’ve seen them make). Wonder if our fans screaming don’t shoot has gotten in their heads.

This is just some horrible basketball by both


This team seems to really lack the ability to sustain any momentum. We can’t seem to put trams away. Another thing I have noticed is that we pass up a lot of 12-15 foot shoots to take more difficult ones late in the possession. Our guards seem to lack confidence shooting anywhere close to the lane. We also desperately need a small forward it two who can shoot the short jumper or drive the lane. Bailey and Gabe don’t actually have positions. They aren’t skilled enough to play small forward or strong or tall enough to play power forward. We have some of the pieces but need a bunch more. Mike has also got to find some guys with confidence and a killer instinct.

I agree with what the announcer said, we are letting Vandy hang around, they’re gonna start making shots. Need to get some motivation. About to lose a game no one wants us to lose. That includes the Mike Haters. No one wants to see us lose this game.

I thought the possession when Mason Jones dribbled the air out of the ball and took a horrible, off balance 3 late in the shot clock kind of turned things a bit. Jalen Harris then compounded it with a force at the rim the next time down.

Oh, I really doubt there are some Mike haters - as you called them - that would hate that.

I base that on people who have come up and talked to me about it.

I know for sure they were rooting for Kentucky and not Arkansas late.


Arkansas just needs to get of there with a win.

Playing a Vanderbilt team that has lost 17 straight is tough emotionally and optically.

It’s not as easy as one might think.


The sad fact is we have had a divided fan base since Nolan first hired. Now we are putting up with those idiots again.
CMA is a good coach and we need him to get the job done! Win and maintain his morale compass.

Vandy is badly out-manned but we did figure out how to put them away something we haven’t really done all year. I really hope we are starting to figure things out because going into the off-season with some hope for the future would be a big deal.

Fun game to watch. Vandy was just pitiful tonight. Arkansas did play good defense, but I actually pity Vandy with just how bad they played tonight.

Side note: I’d rather have Holmes shooting 3’s than Gabe, Bailey, or Harris.(I know Harris hit one tonight).

Fun to see the Hogs beat the crap out of a team!! I almost felt sorry for Vandy, but enjoyed every minute of that beat down in the 2nd half!

Oh I enjoyed it!

Correction: Harris didn’t take a 3 tonight, but I’d still let Holmes shoot over Harris. Holmes is shooting 100% from 3.