Hogs v. thee point sharpshooting non-power five

We faced three tournament teams in non-conference play who shoot 3 pointers at a pretty high percentage. We won all three games, and we held each team to a much lower make rate than their season average.

Abilene Christian
Season 35% on 22 attempts per game. Against Arkansas they got their 22 attempts but only hit 5, which works out to 22.7%.

Season 39% on a whopping 29 attempts a game. Against Arkansas 8-29 a much more pedestrian 27.6%.

North Texas
Season 37.6 % with 20 tries a game. Against Arkansas 2-13 for 15.4 %.

So we’ve seen tournament teams that rely heavily on the three ball for success, and we’ve been able to find ways to make them shoot lower percentages on the threes over the course of a game.

Keep in mind we were down to ORU by ten at half, and we shot 4-24 on threes in that game, but still won by 11.


That’s actually very good information. Thanks for sharing.

Muss will be all over stopping their strength.

Great info. Like I said earlier, the only way Colgate beats us if we play really badly. Even if we have a bad shooting game, we should be able to just punish them on the offensive glass. Like the lady Gamecocks did to the Lady Hogs on the offensive boards. Just keep at it til you score.

I am not worried about Colgate (though I will be at tipoff Friday I am sure). . I am very, very, very, very worried about the Red Raiders though. The F bomb flew out of my mouth far too loudly when I saw their name. My wife was like "ok…"Not happy about Ohio State either.

I think we got a tough tough draw. Now…if we make it to the round of 8, I would rather face Baylor than some #1 seeds. Namely the Zags and the Illini.

Who are our Cougars going to hire? I thought Coach Grant did a phenomenal job getting the program back to where it needed to be. It’s the best gig in the CAA IMO. Could the school stomach Gregg Marshall?

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Once upon a time, the city of Charleston would have probably given Marshall the keys to the city. Now? I am not so sure. We shall see. Marshall was once coming. Then he abruptly wasn’t and we hired Cremins. People have long memories down hee-uh in CharlesTowne!

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