Hogs v SC -- SEC Stats Are a Near Mirror Image

Six SEC games into the season. The Gamecocks and Hogs are both 3-3, and 1-2 away from home. The Hogs feature a road win at Ole Miss, while the Gamecocks have a home win against Kentucky.

Statistically, SC has a 2.7 point scoring margin against its SEC foes, while the Hogs have a 3.0 point scoring margin. SC’s FG shooting is at .434 , while the Hogs are at .430. Three point shots significantly favor SC at .360, while the Hogs shoot an SEC paltry .307.

Ribbies favor SC, 234 to 177. Turnovers favor the Hogs, 51 to 81. Free throws favor the Hogs by 10 made.

Not sure I would call South Carolina, highly skilled, but they are tough and they compete. I believe we will to lace our shoes pretty tight and play a tough physical game. Could sure use some of our shooters to be on!

Here is a conference games-only look at the matchup from KenPom:

Let the dog fight begin. That’s what this game will be! SC has had games where they are hard to beat but they have also struggled to score. There a few games where they turn it over and
look lost. They will foul and send you to the feee throw line so making free throws could be the difference.
This game is no different than any of the next 4 games. The conference standings will start taking shape in the next 2 weeks. It’s time to either move up or down.
Another factor the Net. The hogs would take a big hit losing a home game to
S. Carolina ( net rating 89).
Then they have a chance to climb up and gain ground in the conference standings and the net.
9 games in Feb
1 Feb @ Alabama. Net 41
4. Feb. vs Auburn. Net 20
8. Feb. @ Missouri. Net 87
11 Feb @ Tennessee Net 54
15 Feb vs Miss ST Net 48
18 Feb @ Florida Net 37
22 Feb. vs Missouri Net 87
26 Feb vs Tennessee Net 54
29 Feb @ Georgia. Net 86
2 games in March before SEC tourney 4 Mar vs LSU Net 25
7 Mar @ Texas A&M Net 149

There’s a few games left that are land mines. Nothing to gain by wining in the Net ratings but a win in the conference standings! Texas A&M, Missouri, Georgia and South Carolina in my opinion.
I would like to see the Hogs beat
Auburn, Miss ST, Tennessee and LSU in Bud Walton. Florida in the swamp is a tough one! As is Tennessee on the road.
Does anyone have an opinion or guess on what they think the hogs can do with these remaining games?

My only idea is that the Hogs will play hard and will be well coached. the games will be close and hard fought. I think they will win a few more than their share, but I think to say other than that is just very lose speculation. Who knows.

To answer your question - my guess

We finish 9-3 (AUB, LSU, @Bama, and @Mizzou are coin flips I have is going 3-1 in). Quadrant wins to the side

A question on Quadrant wins. At the end of the year do they reconfigure quadrant wins and losses and calculate that value based on how all teams finished the year? Or do they carry those wins forward from the date they happened and the quadrant they were in at the time they were played?

Yes; final quadrant numbers are assigned after all the conference tourneys are complete.

Bake that would be like an early birthday present!

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